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Stir-fry Asparagus & Roast Pork

Whenever there is leftover roast pork, I like add them to my stir-fries such as my golden fried rice and stir-fry leeks with roast pork. This stir-fry asparagus & roast pork is another example of such a dish. The roast pork provides the main protein and lend its the savoury deliciousness for this Chinese stir-fry.

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Thin Asparagus
I used thin asparagus for this dish. Some people tolerate thin asparagus without any prepping but unfortunately not my family. We find the inherent asparagus stalks woody. For thin asparagus, I shave the bottom half of each asparagus but not all the way through (see photo above). The asparagus actually looks greener and better without shaving, and to me, the top half of a thin spear is still tender without any prep. If using thick asparagus, shave the stem all the way through as the woody texture is much more apparent.

Stir-fry Asparagus Roast Pork Recipe
When this dish is cooked, all you will need is steamed rice to soak up the savoury sauce, asparagus and roast pork. And if you don’t consume pork, or prefer a meatless version, you can use fried bean curd (tau kwa) cubes to replace the meat.

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  1. The stirfry looks so appetizing! Have never seen so thin asparagus…so cute.

  2. Leftover roast pork can be the main protein to your grain bowls too! :P But a stir-fry dish like this just calls for homecooked Chinese meal – great comfort with steamed rice!

    (Oops,I accidentally clicked the “post comment” button w/o finishing completing the comment field, so please delete my first comment and use this one. Sorry, and thanks, dear)

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