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Stir-fry Asparagus & Ham

This stir-fry asparagus & ham is a homely Chinese dish. The main ingredients in this recipe are simple and few. The ham and oyster + soy sauce seasonings are all savoury ingredients, so this dish goes really well with a bowl of steamed rice. I am using breakfast ham here. You can substitute the ham with turkey ham (if you don’t consume pork), shrimp or tofu.

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Stir-fry Asparagus & Ham Recipe

I used thin asparagus for this stir-fry. Unlike the thick asparagus, there is no need to blanch them before adding to the wok. It is also optional whether you wish to shave the outer skin of each asparagus (to eliminate the asparagus’ woody texture). For thin asparagus, I shave only the bottom half of each asparagus and not all the way through. The asparagus actually looks better (more green) without shaving, and the top half of a thin spear is still tender without any prep. For thick asparagus, I will shave them the stem all the way through as the woody texture is much more apparent.

Stir-fry Asparagus & Ham Recipe

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  1. Very yummy! I need to double the portion :-)

  2. Indeed, such a homely dish! Thinking of porridge when I imagine the flavors of this dish ;p

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