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Stir-fry Royale Chives (Qing Long Cai)

Stir-fry royale chives (清炒青龙菜) is a recent discovery of mine, after eating the vegetable at a restaurant for the first time months ago. Since then, I have been cooking several versions of this vegetable weekly. This basic stir-fry, with lots of garlic & ginger, is a simple yet homely version, enabling one to enjoy the inherent mildly sweet taste of the chives.

Stir-fry Royale Chives Recipe

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Stir-fry Royale Chives Recipe

In my earlier attempts at cooking this veg, I notice that the royale chives exudes some liquid after cooking. Adding too much water and/or overcooking may result in the chives looking soggy & mushy. So I prefer to do a drier stir-fry for this veg, adding little or no water except for Chinese wine. A hot wok with a quick cooking time helps, too, to keep the chives tender and green after cooking.

Royale Chives (Qing Long Cai)
Royale chives are known literally as “green dragon chives” (qing long cai/青龙菜) or Chinese garlic chives. Being “royal”, this vegetable is slightly more expensive than other types of Asian greens at about S$2+ per bundle, but it is still so much more affordable when home-cooked.

Cutting Royale Chives
As a lazy cook, a top reason why I love this vegetable is due to the ease of preparation. There are no stems or roots. Simply use the entire leaf & cut it to equal sections. I usually cut them to four (pictured above) or five equal sections.

Royale Chives (Spin dry after washing)
The flip side though is that there is quite a bit of dirt on the chives, and you have to rinse & wash them thoroughly before use. I also spin dry them in a salad spinner to reduce the splattering in the wok.

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  1. I don’t think I have ever had those before…looks really tasty!

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