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Pork & Century Egg Millet Porridge

I was craving for pork & century egg porridge (皮蛋猪肉小米粥) but since it is inconvenient to travel far during the current partial lockdown period, I took the chance to make this lower-carb version with millet grains instead of rice.

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Rice Cooker Millet Porridge

Pork & Century Egg Millet Porridge Recipe
You have the option of cooking everything in one-pot or using a rice cooker to cook the millet porridge before transferring to the stove top to continue cooking. I did the latter this time (pictured above), saving me much time & effort as the rice cooker did all the work of making the porridge for me. I needed to clear a leftover bowl green bean multigrain porridge in the fridge, so I added it to my rice cooker pot of cooked millet porridge as well, which is why you see the grains in my bowl. To make the millet porridge in the rice cooker instead of the stove,  use method 2 of this base millet porridge recipe.

Main Ingredients

Pork & Century Egg Millet Porridge Ingredients
Marinated sliced pork is the main meat component. The toppings are diced century egg, finely shredded ginger and chopped spring onion.

Adding an egg to the porridge

Pork & Century Egg Millet Porridge with Egg
I followed the hawker style by cracking a raw egg into my serving bowl and then ladling the hot bubbling porridge over. Stir the porridge continuously until the egg white is set, before topping the porridge with century egg & garnishes. This is the way I love my egg done (egg fully cooked with a bit of runny yolk) for porridge.

2 comments on “Pork & Century Egg Millet Porridge”

  1. How delicious! This has me drool terribly as I miss century eggs.

  2. 我们口味又一样了!I would absolutely do that raw egg stunt with this kind of Cantonese porridge , and egg cooked with runny yolk

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