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Homely Millet Porridge Breakfast

This quick & homely millet porridge breakfast is not really a recipe, because it is just porridge served with luncheon meat and assorted porridge condiments :P However, despite the simplicity, the meal was surely delicious!! While waiting for the millet porridge to cook in the rice cooker, I fried sunny side eggs and luncheon meat. This made me reminisce the type of homely breakfast I woke up to at the onsen inns in Taiwan, so I served the breakfast individually on trays.

Homely Millet Porridge Breakfast Recipe

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Homely Millet Porridge Breakfast Recipe

Porridge condiments were swept clean from the supermarket shelves during the panic buying sprees prior to our semi lockdown (“circuit breaker”). I was too late to get my hands on these precious bottles of condiments as I was too lazy to join the crazy queues. Fortunately, the pickled mustard green (菜心罐头), fermented tofu (豆腐乳) and Ma Ling luncheon meat (午餐肉) were back on the shelves last week. Absence certainly made my heart fonder so I made this porridge right away.

Millet Porridge (小米粥)
The millet porridge was made in the rice cooker using the “porridge” function. So this makes this millet breakfast “set” extra quick & easy!

2 comments on “Homely Millet Porridge Breakfast”

  1. I can’t even remember when I last had some millet. The porridge looks nutritious, healthy and so tasty too.

  2. Wah, savory breakfast! I like it!

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