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One-Pot Broccoli Millet Porridge

This is a meatless, one-pot broccoli millet porridge (西兰花小米粥). It is easy to make, flavourful and healthy.

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Broccoli Millet Porridge

Broccoli Millet Porridge
Do not be misled by the few ingredients or the absence of meat in this porridge. On the first spoonful, my family was surprised and complimented on the taste. And if you are cooking this dish for a toddler or anyone on a soft foods diet, you can pulse the blanched broccoli in a food processor first, before adding to the porridge. This recipe also builds up well if you want to add other ingredients such as shrimp, chicken, corn, carrot or mushrooms.

3 comments on “One-Pot Broccoli Millet Porridge”

  1. Such a healthy and comforting everyday treat!

  2. Really a healthy makeover on traditional porridge. Used to make one-pot millet porridge,with mixed vegetables and mushrooms in there. Can also add an egg and make egg-drop millet porridge :p

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