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Army Stew Ramyeon

This army stew ramyeon (instant ramen) is a simple one-dish meal for people who love Korean army stew (Budae Jjigae).  Since I perpetually have kimchi fever from watching Kdramas, this dish is an easy way for me to satisfy my sudden craving for Korean food at home. I cooked and served this dish in a shallow Korean noodle pot. Since the pot is loaded with many ingredients (spam, hot dog, Napa cabbage, baked beans, kimchi and more …), just half (or even one-quarter) packet of ramen noodles is enough to satiate my appetite.

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Army Stew Ramyeon Recipe

Here are the ingredients in my personal pot of army stew ramyeon:

  • Meat. Hot dog (I used arabiki sausage) & spam (luncheon meat) – I cooked them in the air fryer first and add them into the pot during the last few minutes. You can add them as they are, but I personally don’t like simmering the meat in the soup as they became tasteless.
  • Soup base. You can use anchovy, dashi or chicken soup base for the army stew. For this recipe, I am using a MSG-free dashi & mushroom soup pouch. Having a soup base lowers the need to use up the whole packet of ramen seasoning powder, making the home-cooked version healthier. Beside soup pouches, you can use soup stock cubes, rich chicken stock (tetra-pak box), chicken consommé powder or instant dashi powder.
  • More seasonings for the soup. Gochujang and some seasoning powder from the instant ramen packet.
  • A small bit of everything (for each bowl) – napa cabbage, onion, carrot, Korean fish cake, and Korean flat rice cakes. For the last two ingredients, they are kept at the freezer, just take out what is needed and use them without thawing.
  • Any favourite brand of instant Korean ramyeon – You can use all the noodles, or break them to half or a quarter for smaller eaters.
  • More toppings & garnishes – Kimchi, baked beans, red & green chilli, garlic chives

STEP-BY-STEP PHOTOS (Army Stew Ramyeon)

Army Stew Ramyeon (Step-by-Step)
First line the soup pot with napa cabbage, carrot, Korean flat rice cakes & fish cakes, onions and an instant (dashi or anchovy) soup pouch.

Army Stew Ramyeon (Step-by-Step)
Add water, bring to boil for 5 minutes and discard the soup pouch.

Army Stew Ramyeon (Step-by-Step)
Dissolve gochujang into the hot soup.

Army Stew Ramyeon (Step-by-Step)|
Season the soup to taste with ramyeon’s seasoning powder for added deliciousness. If you did not use a soup base, you can add the whole sachet instead.

Army Stew Ramyeon (Step-by-Step)
Add ramen noodles, hot dog, kimchi, cut chillis, baked beans and sliced cheese.

Army Stew Ramyeon Recipe
Garnish with chives while the soup is still hot. Serve immediately.

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  1. I know very little about korean food and seldom have them too. But this one looks so delicious and appetizing that I want to try too.

  2. 料多多 – the best!

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