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Pineapple Infused Tea

Just like the previous apple infused tea recipe, this pineapple infused tea is a hydrating drink I made for my exercise run on the home elliptical machine. During the run, I drank the tea, which is sugar, caffeine and calorie free. After the run, I ate the pineapples. This recipe takes less than 5 minutes to prepare and about 4-6 hours of (passive) infusion time.

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Pineapple Infused Tea Recipe


Thai Mini Pineapples

Thai Mini Pineapples

The pandemic has changed my shopping habit – I no longer buy cut fruits from the fruits stall. I can cut most fruits by myself, with the exception of pineapples and durians. So when I see this bag of Thai mini pineapples at the supermarket (it seemed safer being produced in a factory hopefully), I was really happy to enjoy fresh pineapples again. After making this tea (I used 2 out of 5 pineapples), I will be using the remaining pineapples for making a shrimp poke bowl and Hawaiian pizza.


Twinings Cold Infuse (Orange)
I discovered this Twinings Cold Infuse at the supermarket this year and I loveee it! Well it’s not exactly a ‘tea’, rather it is infused citrus flavours in a pyramid tea bag. It is sugar, caffeine and calorie free. It also have an attractive bright orange hue when infused in water. When I first made this pineapple infused tea in summer (did not manage to take pictures then), I found that the ‘passionfruit, mango & blood orange’ tea bag has a rich citrus flavour and goes really well with fresh pineapples.

In place of the Twinings tea, you can use any (fruity) cold brew tea base. You can also brew fruit tea the regular way (seep in hot water for a few minutes) and let the tea cool down completely before use. Or you can buy a bottle of sugar free brewed tea as the base for this infused water.


Pineapple Infused Tea Recipe
In a 500-700ml glass bottle (I am using Ikea 365+ glass carafe here), add the tea bag, pineapple slices and mint. There was quite a bit of pure sweet pineapple juice in the packaging, so I poured that into my bottle first (pictured above).

Pineapple Infused Tea (Before Infusion)
Then fill the bottle to the brim with clean drinking water.

Pineapple Infused Tea Recipe
This was my pineapple infused water after an hour. With time (and a bit of stirring), the orange hue seeped from the tea bag, giving the tea a cheerful bright hue.

Pineapple Infused Tea Recipe
This was my bottle of pineapple infused tea after 4 hours. After I took these pictures, I put the bottle into the fridge to chill and infuse for another two hours. I made this during lunch time, and I drank the tea during my workout, before dinner.

For most infused water, it is usually common to let the drink chill overnight in the fridge. But in this particular case, I found that the pineapple pieces tasted bland overnight. Since the tea is already full-flavoured, I highly recommend to skip the overnight infusion and consume this drink within 6 hours, so that you will taste the sweetness of the pineapples when eating them.

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  1. Have never seen such small pineapples here..so adorable. The tea must be very fresh, fruity, and aromatic!

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