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Fruit Infused Water (Pineapple, Apple, Passion Fruit, Basil)

This is my “made-in-Taiwan” ^o^ bottle of fruit infused water (水果風味水), as a result of my inability to resist buying the super fresh fruits whenever I visit the fresh food markets in Taipei. Fruit infused water are basically fruits seeped in drinking water to allow their fruity flavours to be imparted to it.

Fruit Infused Water Recipe
This water tastes naturally refreshing, subtly fruity and fully wholesome.  The “recipe” doesn’t require any measurements, and can be made with any seasonal fruits and herbs. They can be prepared and consumed an hour later, or chilled overnight to be consumed as a detox breakfast drink first thing in the morning.

Cooking from Taipei:
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Regularly drinking this water will promote better skin & health, detoxification, weight loss and to me, a better appreciation of natural foods. I want to make more of this when I go back home to Singapore.

Fruit Infused Water Recipe
This particular bottle contains pineapple, red apple, passion fruit and basil. I try to incorporate at least 1-2 sweet fruits (pineapple & apple) and 1 herb for my bottle.

"Yong Chun" Market in Taipei
This was where I bought fruits from: Yong Chun Market (永春市場) which is nearby from where I was working. It’s so lively here everyday, it’s almost I’m at a different world.

"Yong Chun" Market in Taipei
Bought this whole pineapple that was used in this recipe. It was selected and cut on the spot for NT$60 (US$2), a sweet deal.

3 comments on “Fruit Infused Water (Pineapple, Apple, Passion Fruit, Basil)”

  1. wow I want to visit that market! Love all the fruit!

  2. How long will you be there? I don’t think I can “survive” in such markets – my Mandarin not good enough!!! And they also speak very fast …hahahha

    This time I did not have the luxury to enjoy their fresh fruits while I am there….bummer!

    • I am here for about a month. What? I think your Mandarin is better than mine :D Oh did you fly in and out already? It’s ok, always next time :)

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