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Japanese Beef Curry and Rice

Japanese curry or kare (カレー) with large, tender chunks of beef is a luxury to me. I realised that I have only seen them in photos on box packaging or anime (which recently for me happens to be a very funny episode of Crayon Shin Chan), but never tried it in real life before so I set out to correct that.

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Cooking the beef to tender perfection requires two factors – the right cut of beef which is either the shin or chunk tender cut, as well as a few hours (two and a half to be exact) of simmering time on the stove top. You will be rewarded with a wonderful curry with chunky, tender pieces of perfectly cooked beef. If you don’t fancy spending so much time to simmer the beef, check out my other Japanese curry recipe with chicken which you can whip up in 30 minutes.

Japanese Beef Curry Recipe
Close up of the large and tenderly cooked beef chunks.

Beef Cubes
Large but still bite-sized beef chunks. The above is the shin cut which I bought from the Japanese supermarket at Isetan Scotts (SG).

Japanese Curry Sauce Mix (Block)
This recipe uses four cubes of instant curry sauce (click on photo above to read more).

6 comments on “Japanese Beef Curry and Rice”

  1. Tastes just like those served at Japanese restaurants, but with more delicious chunky beef!

    • Die Wohnung ist sehr schöner Urlaub und ist auch sehr schöner Urlaub und man sich auch noch ein paar Wochen später Urlaub und ein wenig dauern wird es aber auch noch nicht ganz sicher in den Ferien und ich ich daher nicht mehr Informationen zu den Arbeiten benötigen können Sie mir auch noch die Wohnung zu Hause oder zu zweit zu fahren ist ja auch noch ein paar Wochen später Urlaub

  2. Haha, now I know where your “偶尔要吃大块肉的咖喱“ come from… 蜡笔小新,LOL!

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  4. TEŔRIBLE MISTAKE ! Read the description on the packet and you will find that you need 3 cups of water and NOT 2 litres !! The recipe as stated as stated is for a soup and not for a curry !

    • Not a mistake. The 2 litres of water is for simmering the beef (+ carrot + potato). Water is much reduced by the time the beef is tender, in fact you probably need to top up with more liquid. Only at this point is the curry cube added.

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