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Korean Seasoned Broccoli Banchan

When I saw some very fresh and cheap broccolini (the slimmer cousin of broccoli with smaller florets and longer, thin stalks) at the wet market, I instantly remembered tigerfish’s sesame broccoli. Thanks to her, I know of the existence of seasoned broccoli as a banchan (Korean side dish).

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This sesame-seasoned broccoli tastes deliciously light, naturally fresh and best of all, only took 10 minutes to make from start to finish. The seasoning is similar to the one used in my spinach banchan and soy bean sprout banchan which is mainly sesame oil, garlic and sesame seeds. Although this is a Korean banchan dish, it will definitely complement any meal you are cooking and will even go well as a side dish in a lunch box.

Broccoli Florets
Break broccoli or broccolini to serving sizes before cooking.

Plunging the hot boiled broccoli in a bowl of ice water immediately after cooking prevents overcooking and allow the broccoli to retain its bright green hue and crisp.

8 comments on “Korean Seasoned Broccoli Banchan”

  1. I love love broccolini. Last week, I bought one big pack and within one week they were gone! :) Good to know that even the markets in SG sells broccolini. Those who love Kai Lan esp. the tender stalks, and broccoli will definitely enjoy broccolini. Hope you enjoyed this banchan that I “discovered” in one of the Korean eateries here. The good thing abt this banchan is – it keeps well (better than spinach, and bean sprouts) cos it retains less moisture, and there is no need to drain the veggie from excess moisture. Good for lazy person like me :O

    • thanks for sharing, always happy to learn an easy yet healthy way of cooking. I’m a lazy cook as well :)

  2. The sesame seasoning adds a nice flavour to the crunchy veggie.

  3. Healthy I love it

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  5. This is absolutely delicious! So easy to make, beautiful to look at, and the flavors are wonderful! And I already had all the ingredients. This broccoli is good enough to serve to company. (Smile)

  6. hello, do i do anything to the garlic first? like fry, or mix it in raw?

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