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Instant Japanese Curry Sauce

Japanese Curry Sauce Mix
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Japanese Curry Sauce Mix

Japanese curry or kare (カレー) is a breeze to cook at home thanks to instant curry roux (カレールー) or curry sauce (カレーソース) mix commonly sold at supermarkets. Popular brands of instant Japanese curry sauce mixes are House Foods and S&B.

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They already contain curry powder, flour, oil and seasonings. All you had to do is to cook the ingredients in a pot first (water, potato, carrot, onion and choice of meat), then dissolve the curry roux into the stew as the last step of cooking. Within minutes, the curry will thicken, just season to taste or adjust the liquid consistency (if needed at all) and the meal is ready.

Japanese Curry Sauce Mix (Block)

The instant curry roux used in the Noob Cook kitchen comes in a block form (seen above). They look like chocolate bars! The recipe usually require four cubes (100 grams) which is enough to serve four pax.

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