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California Temaki (Handroll)

California Handroll (Temaki) Recipe

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Temaki (手巻, “hand rolls”) is a cone-shaped piece of nori (seaweed) on the outside with the rice and fillings spilling out the wide end.  One of my favourite temaki is the California temaki (カリフォルニア手巻き) made up of avocado, crab sticks, cucumber and flying fish (tobiko) or prawn roe (ebiko). It is said that California rolls are an American invention in the 70s for those who may be uneasy about eating raw fish. It has since become a mainstay on the sushi menu and one of my favourite flavours of sushi.

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Sushi Rice Recipe Cook sushi rice.
How to make California handroll (temaki) Prepare nori sheets for temaki. Typically, nori sheets come in 19×20 cm sizes. By folding and cutting it in half, it becomes the ideal size for temaki (19×10 cm).
How to make California handroll (temaki) Lay one sheet of cut nori, rough side up, on the work surface. Place sushi rice in the position as shown (diagonal at the corner). Flatten the rice slightly with your hand or the back of a spoon.
How to make California handroll (temaki) Squeeze some Japanese mayonnaise on the rice. You may skip this but in my opinion, the mayo, though sinful, makes the temaki much more delicious :)
How to make California handroll (temaki) Add some roe near the bottom half of the rice.
How to make California handroll (temaki) Arrange avocado, crab sticks and cucumber such that they sit diagonally on the rice.
How to make California handroll (temaki) Fold in the bottom left corner of the nori as shown.
How to make California handroll (temaki) Continue rolling until the nori forms a cone shape that holds all the ingredients. Once the cone is formed, top with more roe.
How to make California handroll (temaki) Secure the edge of the nori with sushi rice.

If you have a home party, you can arrange the ingredients on a platter and have your guests roll these temaki by themselves.  Once you learnt the basics of rolling temaki, you can experiment with all kinds of fillings.

42 comments on “California Temaki (Handroll)”

  1. Thanks for the tutorial – just made this today ! Even though they taste delicious, my wrapping looked ugly compared to yours ! BTW, how do you keep these rolls crisp & fresh? I made them in advance & when it was time to eat them, the seaweed became rather soggy….

    • practice makes perfect … for the seaweed, I store them in freezer (sealed in packet) and only use before eating. At sushi takeaways, you usually see that they wrap the seaweed in a protective plastic film to tear off before eating to keep it fresh.

  2. Where do you get the roe from? btw do you know anywhere that have japanese markets? I can’t find them anywhere…. ):  Thanks in advanced… :) 

  3. Does anyone know if you can substitute the Japanese mayonnaise with regular mayonnaise? Also if you can substitute ebiko/tobiko with salmon roe?

    • I was taught by a Japanese reader that the difference between the two types of mayo is that the Japanese mayo is little more sour. So adding a half tea spoon of vinegar will do the job of substituting. California handroll always come with ebiko/tobiko but there is no rule book that says you can’t up the gourmet factor with the more premium salmon roe :)

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