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Sardines Sandwich

During this stay-at-home partial lockdown (“circuit-breaker”), do you have canned sardines in your emergency pantry stash? I confess I have 6 cans of sardines in my pantry at anytime, as I top them up whenever I use up a can. As much as I love steamed sardines in tomato sauce, I want to make something different with the canned sardines this time.

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This recipe dates back a long time ago. I learned how to make this sardine mixture from my home economics class. Even though I have sadly forgotten almost everything I learnt in secondary school (opps), I still remember this recipe vividly from my home economics textbook. I think my home econs teacher would have been proud of me :P


Canned Sardines Bones
To start with, we need a can of sardines in tomato sauce. I remove the middle bones in each sardine fillet.

Deboned Sardine Fillets
Place the de-boned sardine fillet in a bowl.

Mashed Sardines
Mash it up coarsely.

Sardines Sandwich Filling
Stir in chopped red onions, chopped de-seeded chilli padi, lime juice, salt & pepper.

Sardines Sandwich Recipe
Now arrange the sardine mixture with lettuce, tomato & cucumber on a piece of bread (pictured above). Then put another piece of bread over it, slice it in half and your sandwich is done.

Sardines Sandwich Recipe (Sandwich Mould)
I used this chance to experiment on my second sandwich, a $2 sandwich mould from Daiso. I positioned the mould over the bread and pressed down all edges firmly.

Sardines Sandwich Recipe (Sandwich Mould)

This cuts and seals the bread into a pouch. Verdict: I don’t really like this mould, because greedy me likes a lot of filling in my sandwich so I almost burst the pouch. Maybe it is a user problem.

Sardines Sandwich Recipe
Slice into half and serve.

2 comments on “Sardines Sandwich”

  1. Can’t remember when I last time had sardines…the sandwiches look quite tasty. Love that sandwich form.

  2. I have more than 6 cans of sardines in my pantry…lol….for emergency.
    You know? I was already thinking about making sardine sandwiches one of these days. Still waiting for my fridge to run out of ingredients so that I can turn to my pantry, hahaha…because pantry items can last much longer than fridge. So need to use up what’s in the fridge first.

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