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Green Bean Multigrain Porridge

During this period of partial lock down, I seldom cook all 3 meals since many eateries are still opened and we can thankfully still do takeaway. But I make it a point to cook at least 1, usually 2 meals a day. When I’m cooking, I try to make food which is healthier and unavailable for takeaway, such as this nutritious & homely (mung bean) green bean multigrain porridge (绿豆养身粥). The green beans help to lower one’s body heat which is beneficial in our hot weather.

Green Bean Multigrain Porridge Recipe

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Green Bean Multigrain Porridge Recipe

This green bean multigrain porridge certainly takes the boredom out of plain porridge. I actually referenced this from a premix bottle I bought. But it was so little and so expensive, prompting me to make my own. 


Green Bean Multigrain Porridge Ingredients

This is the multigrain mix, which is made of short-grain “pearl” white rice, red rice & brown rice as a base. I used about half the quantity of green beans to rice. Dried lotus seeds, dried lily and pumpkin seeds add a nuttier & healthier crunch to the porridge. You can swap green beans to red beans if you like.

Green Bean Multigrain Porridge Ingredients

I don’t usually store the grains mixed, because I don’t think it takes me long to measure out the ingredients, and I can always swap some ingredients depending on my mood that day. For example, I made a version with added millet which tastes fantastic. But you can prepare them in a jar in advance or even make a bottle as a gift. If they are all mixed up, you can soak the contents overnight in cold water before using.

Soaked Green Beans

I prefer to soak only the green beans, in a glass of hot water for 3 hours. Soaking green beans help the beans to cook faster, be cleaned more thoroughly & aids digestion by reducing gas. But I know people who don’t soak (my mum!) so soaking is optional & totally up to you.


This mung bean multigrain porridge can be cooked on auto mode in a rice cooker (with the Porridge mode), or on the stove top. I always cook this porridge in the rice cooker, but for the purpose of taking photos for the blog, I’m using a clear glass pot.

Green Bean Multigrain Porridge Cooking (Step 1)
Add soaked beans, washed grains & rice and water to the pot.

Note: Due to the limitations of my pot, I can’t add too much water here or it will boil over. I top up with water later when the porridge is simmering.

Green Bean Multigrain Porridge Cooking (Step 2)
When the water boils, reduce & maintain the heat to a simmer, leaving the lid with a small vent opening.

Green Bean Multigrain Porridge Cooking (Step 3)
Simmer until the porridge and green beans are softened to liking, topping up with water in between if needed.

Japanese Fish Roe Omelette Recipe

Enjoy this multigrain porridge in place of plain porridge with your favourite side dishes. I enjoyed it with Japanese fish roe omelette three weeks ago.

3 comments on “Green Bean Multigrain Porridge”

  1. Looks healthy and so nutritious!

  2. i often cook such porridge too, but i add barley! love the nubbliness of barley. you are tight; you can totally mix and match the grains. love your site!

  3. Healthy and nutritious porridge! 我也想来一碗.

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