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Japanese Fish Roe Omelette (Ebiko/Tobiko/Masago)

This Japanese fish roe omelette came about as an impromptu recipe as I had leftover masago (Japanese capelin/smelt roe) in the fridge. I frequently buy seasoned fish roe from Sushi Take-Out as a side dish (小菜) to enjoy with drinks or to use as salad toppings. I’m glad I finally have a recipe on my blog using this favourite ingredient of mine. This omelette took less than 15 minutes to make, it’s so easy and gratifying.

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Japanese Fish Roe Omelette Recipe
This savory omelette goes well with rice and especially porridge. I served my omelette with a nutritious mung bean multi-grain porridge. This is homely & comfort food for me.


Masago (Fish Roe)

Fish Roe. This recipe can be made with masago (capelin/smelt roe), ebiko (shrimp roe) or tobiko (flying fish roe). I can barely tell the difference between masago & ebiko. If you like more texture, you use tobiko for its pleasantly distinct crunchy bite.

Egg Mixture
The egg mixture was made of beaten eggs, masago fish roe and spring onions. I used dashi powder, also a Japanese ingredient, as the main seasoning. A great thing about using dashi and not the usual dark coloured seasonings such as soy sauce is that the resultant colour of the cooked omelette is more vibrantly attractive. If you don’t have dashi, you can use a small amount of light soy sauce instead. The seasonings are very minimal in this recipe, as the fish roe is already seasoned & salty.

Japanese Fish Roe Omelette Recipe
As a result of the orange fish roe, the omelette took on an attractive vibrant orangy-yellow after cooking.

2 comments on “Japanese Fish Roe Omelette (Ebiko/Tobiko/Masago)”

  1. Definitely my kind of food :-) However, I will have to triple the portion LOL too good to just eat just a small portion.

  2. I don’t think I have tried Japanese fish roe. But I do know that I ‘ve had those tube-shaped fish roe – fried Chinese-style. Your side-dish is so good with 养身粥

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