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Red Bean Soup

Red Bean Soup

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This is an easy and refreshing recipe for Chinese-style red bean soup (红豆汤). Where yin and yang of foods go, green bean soup is “yin” (cooling) while red bean soup is “yang” (warming), so the latter is perfect for the cooler rainy December days we have now.

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I personally cook green bean soup more frequently to combat the heat, but somehow, my family and I agree that red bean soup tastes subtly better, maybe a more robust bean flavour. As far as Chinese desserts go, this is really easy to cook and I often keep the leftovers in the fridge overnight to enjoy the dessert chilled the next day.

Red Bean Soup

21 comments on “Red Bean Soup”

  1. can i use white sugar to substitute rock sugar? approx how much white sugar is needed? cant wait to try this out!

    • Hi char, yes you can substitute with white sugar. Add 1 tbsp at a time, stir to dissolve sugar completely, test taste and repeat until desired sweetness is reached.

  2. Sorry, can I have ” Chinese Vession” Red Bean Soup Receipt, thank a lot.

    Awaiting from you to return appreciation

  3. Hello

    I am wondering if you can substitute the dried orange peel for fresh orange peel or possibly a few leaves from an orange tree.

    • Yes, you can! I have, with fresh mandarin-not an orange thus- peel and the result was the dessert sooo beautifully aromatic and fresh! Please go ahead and try.

  4. Hi Wiffy,

    I supposed if i am using slow cooker on high heat, I don’t need to add so much water? The water of slow cooker will not loose so much as compared to the cooking pot.

  5. When I cooked it, there’s a very raw beany taste. Any idea why?

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