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Red Bean Soup

Red Bean Soup

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This is an easy and refreshing recipe for Chinese-style red bean soup (红豆汤). Where yin and yang of foods go, green bean soup is “yin” (cooling) while red bean soup is “yang” (warming), so the latter is perfect for the cooler rainy December days we have now.

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I personally cook green bean soup more frequently to combat the heat, but somehow, my family and I agree that red bean soup tastes subtly better, maybe a more robust bean flavour. As far as Chinese desserts go, this is really easy to cook and I often keep the leftovers in the fridge overnight to enjoy the dessert chilled the next day.

Red Bean Soup

21 comments on “Red Bean Soup”

  1. This is my family’s favourite dessert, YUM YUM!

  2. I did that 2 weeks ago-with sago too! Unfortunately we did it w/o pandan leaves. 

  3. i love how you use heart shaped bowl for this. cutteeeeee

  4. I like the bowl too! Red bean soup with love :) ….
    How I wish for this in the cold weather now…but first I need to get the beans.

  5. This sweet soup is my all-time favourite and my childhood food. Delish!
    Yeah, love your heart shaped bowl too. Where did you get it? ^0^

  6. Heartshaped soup bowl looks so cute. I love the warming red bean soup too.

  7. Good ol’ red bean soup, is just perfect for breakfast on cold rainy mornings or even at night! In fact, it’s actually good for anytime of the day :D My mum would cook this overnight in a pressure cooker if we were to have this for breakfast, and sometimes the whole pot can last for the entire day!;)
    I love the heart-shaped bowl you used to serve this, where did you get it? I am just in love with it!;)

  8. That bowl is just sooo cute! <3

  9. Nothing like a cup of bean soup.  Love the bowl.

  10. Hi, I would like to ask forthe heart shaped bowl u bought it at which Daiso outlet? I went to Vivo city daiso and they don’t carry it.

    • Hi Debbie, if I am not wrong, I bought it at Rivervale Mall. but it’s been a few years ago, hopefully they have not discontinued it.

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