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Chap Chye (Mixed Vegetables Stew)

Happy Chinese New Year (CNY) to all those celebrating this holiday! Yesterday was CNY eve and I cooked a huge pot of chap chye (mixed vegetables stew) for lunch. I brought the rest  to my family’s reunion dinner and I was quite pleased when I hear that my chap chye was delicious, a compliment especially coming from the older folks.

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This is a Nonya dish, but my way of cooking is not quite Nonya as it is deliberately not soupy, because I tried to duplicate my mum’s style of dry chap chye which I loved as a kid. This is a popular vegetarian dish to consume during Chinese New Year (and also Vesak Day).  The ingredients have auspicious meanings, especially fat choy (dried moss) which sounds like “fatt choi” (striking it rich).

Ingredients for Buddha's Delight & Chap Chye

Many of the ingredients are dried goods, so you can stock up your pantry and whip this up quite readily.

46 comments on “Chap Chye (Mixed Vegetables Stew)”

  1. Hi Wiffy, I found my dish came out with a little sweeter. Should I add more nam y or reduce the oyster sauce?

  2. Hey, there appears to be an error in your link to the recipe (there’s an extra dot in the url).

  3. Hi noobcook, can I use normal oyster sauce instead? Thank you!!

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  6. Do I add in the sauce in the nam yee tub too?

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