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Lotus Root Soup

Lotus root with peanuts is one of my favourite Chinese soups. Lotus root and peanuts is a great pairing in a Chinese soup, and personally I won’t cook this dish if I ran out of peanuts. I love the texture of slightly crunchy peanuts so if you like softer ones, you will need to simmer the soup for a bit longer. There is nothing like a bowl of home-cooked Chinese soup to perk me up in the middle of the week.

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Lotus Root
This is my piece of lotus root (pictured above). Wash off the mud before cutting. Sheng Siong also regularly sells washed and smaller sections of lotus root if you need smaller quantities.

Lotus Root Soup Recipe

53 comments on “Lotus Root Soup”

  1. Hi, can i cook this soup using rice cooker too? if can, the method will be the same?

  2. First time trying out this and it turned out great! Crunchy peanuts! Yay~

  3. Hi noobcook (but actually awesome cook),

    Sorry for not addressing you by name because I’m don’t know your name. :)

    I am kinda a fan and i often follow your recipes. I’m currently working in the US and making soup tmrw. I forgot to add peanut to the recipe after cooking the lotus root for two hours :(

    Can I now add the peanut and cook for another hour? Will that work.

    Thank you!


    • Hey sorry for my late reply! Aww I hoped you added the peanuts, I love them crunchy anyway, if not there is always a next time. And thanks for your kind words ><

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