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Easy Sausage & Baked Beans

Whip up this fast & easy sausage & baked beans, which is perfect for weekdays dinner. The ingredients list is short & simple, consisting of canned foods, frozen sausages & pantry seasonings. I reserve this recipe for days where I need not go to the supermarket to buy fresh foods before making dinner. This dish is also quite cheap (unless one splurges on expensive gourmet sausages, which I did not). You can eat it with either with toasted bread or brown rice.

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Easy Sausage & Baked Beans Recipe

This is what the baked beans and sausage looks like, served straight from the pan.


Note: I’m cooking a small portion (2-3 pax) for one meal without intention for leftovers. Therefore I used half a can of baked beans and diced tomatoes in these pictures. To cook for more, use 1 can of baked beans & tomatoes each at a go and double up this recipe. 

Sausage and Baked Beans (Step-by-Step)

Sausage and Baked Beans (Step-by-Step)

Brown some sausages in a pan with some olive oil. I used a mix of Beddar Cheddar (pork sausages with cheese) which are cut diagonally and Japanese Arabiki sausages (uncut). Both are my family’s favourites. Take out the sausages and set aside on a plate.

Sausage and Baked Beans (Step-by-Step)
Add a bit more oil and a small knob of butter. Cook onions on low heat until softened.

Sausage and Baked Beans (Step-by-Step)
Add canned baked beans and diced tomato. I also added cut chillis, hot mustard, tomato ketchup and garlic (either minced or in a paste form).

Sausage and Baked Beans (Step-by-Step)
Add water and use a spatula to combine all the seasonings together. Mix well.

Sausage and Baked Beans (Step-by-Step)
Return sausages back to the pan (pictured above). After this, simmer, covered, until sauce is thickened, about 5 minutes.

Easy Sausage & Baked Beans Recipe
Take the pan off the heat, season with black pepper and garnish with basil &/or parsley. Enjoy!

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  1. Talk about the comforting and delicious dinner! Actually it’s GREAT for any time of the day.

  2. I’ve been using sausages in my cooking recently as well! Coincidentally, I also made a bean dish with some spicy sausage. Yep, the bread is perfect accompaniment with this dish.

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