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Ravioli Pesto

Ravioli Pesto Recipe

I have been quite busy lately so I have been relying more on cooking short-cuts, such as this ready-made four cheese ravioli, to prepare dinner in a jiffy. I discovered them after my friend used ready-made tortellini to prepare a gourmet and fuss-free lunch for us.

Use Pesto in:

Ravioli Pesto Recipe

Basil Pesto Recipe


I made my favourite pesto as the sauce for the ravioli and the result was blissfully delicious. You can also use tortellini for this recipe.

13 comments on “Ravioli Pesto”

  1. Your pesto looks mouthwatering! This is another recipe I need to try out! ^_^

  2. Oops…how did I miss this post? This sounds incredibly delicious!! Yummm Yumm!!

  3. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Mind sharing where do you get pine nuts from? Can’t seem to find from local supermarkets. :)

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