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Broccoli & Beef

I always love a meat-with-veg side dish like this stir fried broccoli & beef. The beef is tender even though I used a modest cut (flank). All I need is some rice to go with the beef, broccoli and the savoury sauce. The cooking time is fast, since both broccoli & beef cook quickly, making this dish ideal for weekdays and busy times.

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Broccoli & Beef Recipe
Cut of beef to use, and how to get tender beef. I usually buy beef flank since it is the most value-for-money cut suitable for stir frying, as compared to ribeye or tenderloin. Despite being a more economical cut, the beef still turned out tender after cooking. The trick is to slice the beef diagonally against the grain, and marinating the beef slices in cornstarch & seasonings for 15-30 minutes. I bought pre-sliced beef from the supermarket, which is a huge convenience, but you can save even more if you slice the beef yourself.

Stir-fry Broccoli & Beef Recipe
As for the broccoli, I blanch them in boiling water for less than a minute first, so that they don’t have to sit inside the wok for too long. If you want to cook everything in the same wok, fry the beef slices until 3/4 cooked and set them aside on a plate. Add broccoli and stir fry until cooked, then return the beef back to the wok to finish up cooking.

5 comments on “Broccoli & Beef”

  1. The stirfry looks very yummy! Those beef slices are really tender.

  2. I do eat beef but seldom buy to cook it at home. I will remember to get beef flanks if I make a home-style beef dish like this next time. Remember? 你的口味都合我口味的 :)

  3. Pls advise whether should I coat the beef slices with baking soda (like the ginger & scallion beef recipe) to make the beef tender or marinating with corn starch & seasoning is good enough to tender the beef?

  4. Omg! Wiffy, this is sooooooo GOOD! 

    Wish I tried this recipe earlier! Thank u dear, 

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