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Chinese Black Pepper Beef

This Chinese-style black pepper beef  is one of my family’s favourite Chinese beef stir fry.  The family gets loads of satisfaction every time I cook this, where the only ‘complaint’ I will get is that I did not cook enough. Thanks to my friend Joyce whom I adapted her original recipe from.

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Black Pepper Beef Recipe

The black pepper marinade recipe can be used for stir frying other meats such as chicken, if you do not take beef. The hot pepper is great for a cool, rainy day and best enjoyed with a bowl of warm steamed rice.

black and white peppercorns

My family uses a combination of black and white peppercorns in our black pepper stir-fries, as we think that a mix of peppercorns taste better. You may always use all black pepper, if preferred. For best results, I buy whole peppercorns and grind or pound them to powder just before cooking – the peppery flavour will be more fragrant this way. If you are short of time though, you can use store-bought powdered pepper.

Note: First posted in Aug 2008, updated with improved recipe and new photos in Nov 2014

35 comments on “Chinese Black Pepper Beef”

  1. I cooked this and it was peppery! But I made a mistake of not adding Marinate B while it was marinating in the fridge! Nvm I added it while I fried the caixin as a substitute for the celery and bell pepper so it only marinated for 5 mins with B and 20 with A? Ok next time I should cook the veg separately cuz I ended up with quite a wet gravy! Lots of water leeched out of the caixin. Completely diluted the flavour of the dish. Oh wells. Lesson learnt. Anyway I’m sure it’ll be better next time. Yums! Served it with aglio olio for a mish-mash of cultures. Hahahah

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