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Tomato Rice

First posted in Mar 2008, updated in May 2015.

This sweet tasting, vibrant looking ketchup fried rice (tomato rice) is sure to please anyone with a sweet and savoury palate. Best of all, it is whipped up using common pantry ingredients (ketchup, rice, frozen vegetables).

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I kept this fried rice very minimalistic, suitable when I want a meatless meal for a change. To make the fried rice more exciting, I will add hot dog, bell peppers and/or button mushrooms (as I did in the previous version).  I’m really quite happy with this basic version most of the time though, since it’s delicious as it is.

Tomato Rice Recipe

11 comments on “Tomato Rice”

  1. As usual I start drooling at what you’ve whipped up. I read the ingredient list and it has all my favourites in them . Mushrooms, Bell Pepper, Hot dog. Yummers…drool…

  2. I like no-fuss dishes like this. Hee.. I gonna get a bottle of jap ketchup to make fried rice like yours.

    Nice photography, no unsightly shadows on the plate. How did you manage to do that?

  3. Really? Jap ketchup taste better?
    I have not done fried rice (any kind) for a long time! My “fried rice” is usually done in the rice cooker! HA!

  4. didally: I took the photos without flash and brightened the picture :D

    Thanks for the comments! :D

  5. Wow! This looks so much like we do ours! I haven’t made fried rice in a looong time. You’ve inspired me to make some tonight since I have everything I need, I think!!!

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  8. Just want to let you know that I tried making this, minus the mushroom & substituted sausage with spam & added a tomato, it turned out really good!
    I ate it with cream cheese too (my Korean friend once suggested that I ate kimchi fried rice with cheese, now I add cheese to almost any fried rice) :-)

    • Thanks for trying the recipes =) I haven’t thought of adding cheese to fried rice, gotta try it next time. Which cream cheese are you using?

  9. Cream cheese is just what the name suggests, cheese but in a creamy texture.
    People normally spread them over bagels & Philadelphia Cream Cheese is the most common brand, I’m sure you can find them at Cold Storage :P
    Surprisingly, it’s hard to find (easy) Asian food recipes online that still taste authentic, so when I found out that you blog about (mostly) Asian food recipes, I thought I’d give them a try & so far I haven’t been disappointed yet :-)

    • Thanks for the info! Will grab one and add it to my fried rice next time, who could have guessed this is a secret ingredient? ;p Thanks for sharing =)

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