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Roasted Baby Potatoes

These are perfect roasted baby potatoes (at least to me). Ultra crispy skin on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. It is absolute bliss whether eating them on their own or as a side dish.

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I love baby potatoes because I get to serve them whole. They look very cute, too! More information about the type of potatoes I use (with substitution tips) on the next page.

Baby Potatoes

The baby potatoes I used are labelled “Brastagi” at the local supermarkets. They are very hard but great for roasting. If you are using softer variety of potatoes, you can reduce the parboiling timing in step 1 accordingly (basically you just need to soften them slightly so that you can indent with a fork). You can also use regular sized potatoes and cut them to quarters or bite-sized pieces.

Crispy Roasted Baby Potato Recipe

4 comments on “Roasted Baby Potatoes”

  1. Easy side dish to make especially when it is “oven-cooking” day :P

  2. I love just how crisp they look!

  3. Great side dish…simple and delicious!
    Have a wonderful day Wiffy :)

  4. Cute and tasty potatoes :) Goes well with any western meal!

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