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Crispy Fried Egg

This recipe comes with a YouTube video (see next paragraph).

Crispy fried egg is basically a fried egg with crispy edges. I like mine with a runny yolk. This form of fried egg is popular in Thai cuisine, and sometimes seen in our local nasi lemak or economical bee hoon.

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To achieve the perfect crispy fried egg, you are are basically deep-frying the egg, so be prepared for a violent but controlled splattering of oil (you have been warned). For a runny yolk, the timing needs to be precise and brief. There’s much more leeway if you are after a solid yolk. Here’s a short video.

7 comments on “Crispy Fried Egg”

  1. Woah…violent splattering of oil ah! Hahaha, you control it well. :) Seems the oil needs to be hot too.

    I love fried egg with runny yolk. I do that quite often. Typically, my edges turned out not as crispy (and brown) as yours, but I am contented with runny yolk.

    P.S Read in instagram that you just recovered from a cold/flu. Hope you are ok. Take care.

    • Thanks dear, I’m better now. In the midst of recuperating from a 100-day cough XD

      I know what you mean. I only do my fried egg this way when I have the mood to cook or a serious craving to satisfy .. But runny yolk, is a MUST :)

  2. May I know what kind of pan you are using? Korean pan? Looks interesting.

  3. I love this style of fried egg and yes that splattering is scary but the reward is awesome.

  4. Best of both worlds: crispy aromatic whites and runny oozy yolk.

  5. That’s a perfect crisp sunny sideup!

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