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Ham and Cheese Egg Roll

These sunny looking ham and cheese egg rolls only require three main ingredients – egg, ham and cheese. They taste as great as they are fun to look at. They are often served in a bento box, but can also be eaten on its own as a low-carb meal paired with miso soup and/or a simple vegetable side dish.

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Ham and Cheese Egg Roll Recipe

There is no need to season the egg mixture as the ham and cheese are salty on their own. If you are on a low-carb diet, you can use low-carb friendly cheese or try out my other tamagoyaki recipe with carrots, shallots and spring onions.

Ham & Cheese Egg Roll (Step-by-Step Photos)

Ham and Cheese Egg Roll Recipe
Half each square cheese slice. Pair each cheese slice with a same size ham. You need three pairs for this recipe.

Ham and Cheese Egg Roll Recipe
Lightly whisk eggs and add chopped spring onions. Season with some black pepper. Set aside.

Ham and Cheese Egg Roll Recipe
Heat up and grease tamagoyaki pan with oil. Pour just enough egg mixture to make a thin egg sheet to cover the pan.When the egg is semi-set, place a ham and cheese pair on one end of the egg sheet.

Ham and Cheese Egg Roll Recipe
Turn over again.

Ham and Cheese Egg Roll Recipe
Repeat until all the egg mixture is used up.

Ham and Cheese Egg Roll Recipe
Roll the omelette again.

Ham and Cheese Egg Roll Recipe
Tug in any loose ends and gently press the completed egg roll with the spatula to give it a firm rectangular shape.

Tamagoyaki Recipe
Love egg rolls? Don’t forget to check out my other tamagoyaki recipe.

8 comments on “Ham and Cheese Egg Roll”

  1. Yummy and healthy egg rolls. Love the melty cheese inbetween the layers.

  2. This looks so delicious..would be great for the lunch box too.

  3. Wow, 要有点“功夫”! So pretty and I don’t think anything goes wrong with ham, cheese and egg :P

  4. These egg rolls look so irresitable!

  5. Oh yes! I love egg, I love cheese and I love ham. Tremendously!

  6. This is so great and I love your colors

  7. Looks appetizing! This is great idea for lunchbox for my son. Thanks :)

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