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Button Mushroom Omelette

This button mushroom omelette is perfect for breakfast or as a low-carb meal. You can serve it with toast if not eating low-carb.

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I sometimes cook the sauteed mushrooms a day or two in advance, and keep them chilled in the fridge. In this way, I can whip up a delicious omelette in no time at all on weekdays after work, or for brunch on weekends after sleeping in late.

Button Mushroom Omelette Recipe
Since everyone at home loves omelette, I practised many times before making what is to me a well-made omelette:  bright yellow, silky in the center, moist and soft when cooked. Timing and control of heat are really important here. I tried to take some step-by-step photos, but unfortunately that caused the timing to be off and the omelette did not turn out well. Maybe next time, I’ll get a family member to help take photos or a video of the cooking process. 

Sauteed Button Mushrooms
This is the cooked button mushrooms filling for the omelette. They are also great eaten on their own, or as a topping for salad/noodles/risotto.

Button Mushroom Omelette Recipe

3 comments on “Button Mushroom Omelette”

  1. Simple yet very delicious…I love the combo of meaty mushrooms and egg.

  2. I didn’t quite understand these instructions: “As the eggs set, pull edges with a spatula to draw the mixture from the sides to the centre, letting uncooked egg flow underneath” Could you explain what it means to pull the edges? Thanks!

    • The eggs at the sides (edges) of the pan cook first, while the egg mixture remains uncooked in the middle of the pan. So what that sentence meant is: using a spatula, push the semi-cooked egg from the edge to the center. Now tilt the pan, let the uncooked egg flow to the sides of the pan. This will ensure the egg is distributed and cooked evenly. You can watch some videos on YouTube (the British style omelettes are cooked this way) if you need some visuals. Hope this helps!

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