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Soy Milk Clams Hot Pot

This soy milk clams hot pot (nabe) is a recipe for a small hot pot for one (to two persons). I made this for my brunch, before I go to the office in the afternoon. Even though my hot pot casserole is small, it is filled with a good variety of ingredients. For a change, the soup broth of the day was soy milk miso soup. The soy milk lends a mild yet refreshing, silky touch to the usual hot pot broth and complimented well with the clams. It looked to me like the ingredients were having a relaxing soak in a milk spa :D

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Soy Milk Clams Hot Pot Recipe


(Donki) Unsweetened Soy Milk
I have been finding inspiration for cooking these days in different ways. Previously, I was inspired to make air fryer pizza when I saw perfectly-sized air fryer paper liners. This time round, I saw Donki’s unsweetened soy milk and I was instantly attracted by the pretty design of the bottle. Since I enjoyed the taste of the soy milk (unsweetened, creamy and rich), so I decided to use the second bottle I bought for making this soy milk clams hot pot the next day.


(Donki) Hot Pot Vegetable Set

I bought this hot pot vegetable set at Don Don Donki too. I think generally Japanese supermarkets sell such vegetable sets. It is a cost and time efficient way for to enjoy a bit of every vegetable (corn, broccoli, mushrooms, carrot, daikon) with napa cabbage as the base. I divided my set to 3 smaller boxes. Then whenever I want to make hot pot or soup, just take out the box from the fridge and it’s ready to use!


Soy Milk Clams Hot Pot Ingredients

These are the main ingredients for soy milk clams hot pot:

The soup broth was made with (A) dashi soup pack and (B) white miso – this dashi miso soup will be used to simmer all the ingredients in the hot pot. At the last stage of cooking, when when all the ingredients are cooked, stir in a small amount of (C) unsweetened soy milk and the hot pot is complete!

(D): My hot pot vegetables consists of napa cabbage with mushrooms, daikon, carrot, corn, broccoli and scallion.

(E): As for the main protein, I used frozen clams – only 10 but they were plump & juicy! The clams also go well with the soy milk hot pot broth. I added the frozen clams directly to the hot pot without thawing, so it was very fast and easy.


Soy Milk Clams Hot Pot Steps

Steps to making soy milk clams hot pot in an earthen nabe pot:

  1. Cook the hot pot vegetables in dashi miso soup broth. When the vegetables are done, add clams (frozen or fresh).
  2. Cover the claypot with lid and simmer for about 2 minutes. When the clams are cooked, take them out and set aside on the plate.
  3. Add soy milk to thicken the broth and warm up the milky soup using low heat.
  4. Return the cooked clams to the hot pot and it is done!

Soy Milk Clams Hot Pot Recipe

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  1. That looks so tasty and I miss good quality clams. Have never thought of using soya milk though..

  2. Looks like DDD has a lot of 宝!
    This soy milk + calm hotpot reminded me of Taiwan.

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