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Mushroom Margherita Mini Pizza

This mushroom Margherita mini pizza for was the first time I made a pizza in an air fryer and I was so impressed that it took only 5 minutes to cook! Don’t worry if you don’t have an air fryer, you can also cook the pizza in a toaster or regular oven. By “mini”, I am referring to a small pizza roughly 15 cm in diameter. Do you know a small pizza is also called a pizzetta? I only just learned that. One mini pizza will fit most air fryers or a toaster oven nicely, while two mini pizzas will fit an oven tray side-by-side. It is the most ideal pizza size for my solo pizza lunch on WFH days. This pizza recipe is a super fast and easy way to enjoy freshly baked hot pizza with bubbly cheese anytime at home.


Mushroom Margherita Mini Pizza Recipe

INGREDIENTS (Mushroom Margherita Mini Pizza)

Mushroom Margherita Mini Pizza Ingredients

  1. Mini pizza bread options. I buy an extra focaccia bread every time I takeaway from Saizeriya. I found it to be the perfect mini pizza base in terms of thickness, size and price.  Besides focaccia, you can use frozen pizza base, pita bread, flat bread, puff pastry and naan. My focaccia bread is about 15 cm – one pizza will fit my air fryer or toaster oven nicely, while 2 breads will fill one oven tray perfectly.If you not using fresh focaccia bread on the same day of purchase, wrap each bread in cling wrap followed by aluminium foil – the frozen bread will keep well in the freezer for months.
  2. Pizza sauce – I am using a two-in-one pizza & pasta sauce. Leftover sauce can be frozen in an ice cube tray.
  3. Fresh mozzarella cheese – I tear the cheese to small pieces by hand. The cheese will melt nicely when baked.
  4. Sliced button mushroom and cherry tomatoes – these are my simple toppings for my pizza.
  5. Garnishes – I used freshly cracked pink salt (optional), fresh basil, red pepper flakes & extra-virgin olive oil.

Before Baking:

Mushroom Margherita Mini Pizza (B4 Baking)
Sometimes I find the motivation to make a dish in the strangest places – When I saw affordable air fryer paper liners at ValueShop, I knew right away that the size of the paper liners are perfect for fitting one mini focaccia pizza in the air fryer. The air fryer paper liners make cleaning up a breeze.

After Baking:

Mushroom Margherita Mini Pizza Recipe
Garnish with pink salt, basil, evoo and chilli flakes.

2 comments on “Mushroom Margherita Mini Pizza”

  1. That looks splendid! I haven’t had one in ages and this has me crave some right now.

  2. Pizza for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They all work for me. Plus snacks or supper too since it is such a easy quick recipe :p

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