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Supermarket Dumplings Hot Pot

Happy Chinese New Year of the Rat! 祝大家“鼠”不尽的快乐和钞票。After taking a 2-month break from posting recipes due to hectic house moving, I can finally settle down a little at my new home. As my new kitchen is not fully equipped yet, I can only make simple meals such as this supermarket dumplings hot pot which takes less than 15 minutes to put together. I cheated (as usual) with the help of frozen supermarket dumplings. Although it is simple, I think this hot pot is apt for CNY as these dumplings look like Chinese ingots, representing prosperity. Of course, it will be perfect for the quickest after-work hot pot anytime of the year outside of CNY.

Supermarket Dumplings Hot Pot Recipe

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Frozen Supermarket Dumplings

Frozen Supermarket Dumplings

These are my frozen dumplings. I used the above brand which is introduced by my mum. You can find it at Sheng Siong or Prime supermarket. My favourite flavour is the pork with mushroom or cabbage. I like that these dumplings do not contain preservatives & MSG. You can use any favourite brand. There is no need to thaw the frozen dumplings – in fact it will be better to cook them while still frozen, so that they will not stick to each other as they thaw to room temperature.

5-minute Soup Stock

5-minute Soup Stock

The 5-minute soup stock is really optional. You can actually just use water and boullion cubes, or any instant soup stock. But I just wanted to use up the top portion of the scallion, which I always find a waste to discard.

5 comments on “Supermarket Dumplings Hot Pot”

  1. This looks like a great meal for the family gatherings. Haven’t had any dumpling in a while.

  2. Well, you know I have nothing against store-bought dumplings, LOL .I like how you use them in hotpot , I would do the same :)

    你搬家? I thought you are only doing kitchen remodeling leh

  3. That looks and sounds amazing. thank you for the this healthy dumpling recipe.

  4. This brand is Kaiqi’s most favourite dumpling. She will always ask for 饺子 for a quick meal or supper. They usually have 2 pack promotion. 

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