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Prawns Ee-Fu Noodles

It is tradition every year during Chinese New Year that I cook braised ee-fu noodles. This year I’m making prawns ee-fu noodles. As far as auspicious symbolism goes, prawns (shrimps) is a symbol of happiness (laughter) while the long strand of noodles represent longevity.

Prawn Stock

Prawn Stock

If I make these noodles outside of CNY, I will stir-fry the prawns and use tetra-pak chicken stock for the noodle sauce. But since it is the festivities, I made a little more effort of using real prawn stock as the base sauce for the noodles. The taste of this prawns ee-fu noodles made with real prawn stock has an added umami depth to it :)

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Prawns Ee-fu Noodles Recipe

3 comments on “Prawns Ee-Fu Noodles”

  1. I miss efu noodles! Yours looks mouthwatering and healthy too.

  2. Hahaha, I missed this post earlier. Yes, this is the “flat” yee mee I was talking abt :p

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