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Seafood Ee-Fu Noodles

I made this seafood ee-fu noodles (海鲜伊府面) a day after the pacific clams version, as I want to use up my remaining yellow chives while they are fresh, since they are highly perishable. This time round, my ee-fu noodles are loaded with fresh prawns (shrimps), lala (our local clams), scallops & mushrooms.

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The juices from cooking the seafood (clams, scallops and prawns), together with the chicken stock, flavour and moisten the noodles. This is an easy one-dish meal that only takes 30 minutes to make (minus clam soaking time).

2 comments on “Seafood Ee-Fu Noodles”

  1. o I am HUNGRY! Love everyday meals like this…delicious and comforting.

  2. 再来一盘,海鲜的! 我没问题 :p

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