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Ee-fu Noodles with Pacific Clams

元宵节快乐。Today marks the last day of Chinese new year. This ee-fu noodles with pacific clams (鲍贝伊府面) is a great dish to use up leftover cans of clams from the festive season.  I kept the recipe really simple with minimum key ingredients: ee-fu noodles, Chinese chives, 1 packet of hon shimeji mushrooms and half a can of pacific clams. You can substitute the pacific clams with similar canned clams (such as razor or baby abalone).

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Ee-Fu Noodles with Pacific Clams Recipe
Using canned clams as the main protein is really convenient and fast – just rinse & drain the clams, and they are ready for the wok.

Ee-Fu Noodles with Pacific Clams Recipe

Two Main Ingredients:

Hong Kong Ee-Fu Noodles
Ee-Fu Noodles (伊府面), aka Hong Kong Yee Fu noodles or Yi mein. This brand can be found at most local supermarkets. Read more here.

Yellow Chives
Yellow chives (韭黃/gau wang), without which, a plate of ee-fu noodles is not complete. The pale colour of these chives is because that they are deliberately grown without direct exposure to sunlight. They are sold at Shing Sheong supermarket almost daily the whole year round, but they are more difficult to find during CNY. This year, I only managed to grab a bundle on Sunday (2 days before the end of CNY). You can replace yellow chives with spring onions or koo-chye. As they perish quickly, store them in the fridge, and consume within 2 days from purchase.

2 comments on “Ee-fu Noodles with Pacific Clams”

  1. You have no idea how much I miss yellow chives! The noodle bowl looks very tasty and satisfying.

  2. Hungry….drooling….

    I miss ee-fu noodles…and the way you cook it with mushrooms and chives is how I remember ee-fu noodles in the restaurants.

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