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Ee-fu Noodles

Ee-Fu Noodles
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Ee-Fu Noodles (伊府面) are also known as Hong Kong Yee Fu noodles or Yi mein. They are nicknamed “rubber band noodles” since my childhood.  This is the “sun brand” I always buy in Singapore, as it can be easily found at most local supermarkets. I use them specifically to make Cantonese braised ee-fu noodles, but they can also simply be added as you would any noodle in a noodle soup.

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If you are making braised ee-fu noodles, do not over-cook the noodles at first. Pre-cook the dry noodles in boiling water only until the noodles are just separated (still firm and under cooked). Drain and run through tap water to cool. Then add the ee-fu noodles to the wok where it will simmer for a few more minutes with the rest of the ingredients.

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Seafood Ee-Fu Noodles Recipe

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