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Deluxe Longevity Noodles

This deluxe longevity noodles can be served during birthdays, family as well as festive celebrations. I made this during Chinese New Year eve and it was a hit on the table. Despite the dish being named “deluxe” there were no expensive ingredients. The toppings for the noodles – cooked prawns (from Donki), a can of razor/pacific clams and a can of baby abalones – are all ready-to-eat and cost less than S$10 each. It is the blog tradition to make an ee-fu noodles recipe every Chinese New Year. Given my hectic work during the festive season this year, this convenient and value-for-money noodles is just the right recipe for busy people. It is also perfect post-CNY recipes if you have leftover cans of razor clams or baby abalones to clear after the festivities.

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Deluxe Longevity Noodles Recipe



Yellow Chives

Yellow chives are a great companion to ee-fu noodles. You can skip this ingredient and substitute with other greens if you can’t find them. Wash them well and cut to equal short sections.


Deluxe Longevity Noodles Ingredients

  • Canned baby abalones – I used one mini can of baby abalones. It is an inexpensive brand, but I think the gravy very much. Try to opt for a brand that with a sauce you enjoy, preferably without artificial preservatives.
  • Ee-fu noodles are my favourite noodles for longevity noodles. However, you can substitute with any Chinese dried long noodles.
  • Fresh shiitake mushrooms and carrot flowers.
  • Sauce made of rich chicken stock, fish sauce, soy sauce, white pepper & Chinese wine.

More Ingredients:

  • XO SauceGives a touch of instant luxury to the dish, making the longevity noodles more “deluxe”.
  • Cooked ready-to-eat prawns. I bought them from Don Don Donki’s ready-to-eat seafood section. You can also buy frozen cooked prawns from the supermarket.
  • Canned razor/pacific clams. Use them straight from the can.
  • Garlic & Ginger。


Deluxe Longevity Noodles (Step-by-Step)

Making Deluxe Longevity Noodles

  • Bring a pot of water to boil, add the ee-fu noodles and cook for less than a minute – take them out once they separate. Set aside.
  • In a heated casserole, fry garlic, ginger, carrot and mushrooms.
  • Add cut yellow chives, and season with salt & pepper.
  • Add the earlier prepared ee-fu noodles, xo sauce and prepared sauce. Stir fry to mix well.
  • When the noodles sauce as almost absorbed, add the cooked food toppings – canned clams,  cooked prawns and canned baby abalone. Optional: Ladle a few spoons of delicious abalone broth over the toppings so they are moist & flavourful.

  • Finally, cover with lid and steam for 2 minutes and the dish is done! I served mine directly in the casserole.

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  1. That looks super duper delicious with all the seafood. Not sure if I can find abalones here…but I am happy even with just prawns.

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