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XO Sauce Winged Bean Fried Rice

This XO sauce winged bean fried rice was made with winged beans my aunt grew organically in her garden. At the same time, I also made a plate of stir-fried winged beans to go with the fried rice. My aunt shared that winged beans are extra tasty in fried rice, and I agree with her wholeheartedly. There was a generous amount of crunchy winged beans with every spoonful of rice, giving this fried rice a satisfying texture.

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XO Sauce Winged Bean Fried Rice Recipe


XO Sauce Winged Bean Fried Rice Ingredients

  • (1) and (2) Winged Beans. Prepare them by snipping off the ends, then cut them to thin slices. Each cross section of the cut winged bean is a cute star design.
  • (3) I used XO sauce as the main seasoning for the fried rice. It is a fail-proof seasoning and great in fried rice!
  • (4) I added sambal belacan to make the fried rice spicy. My aunt said that winged beans and sambal are the best couple.
  • (5) Salt & Pepper blend. I love this salt & pepper blend which I bought from Daiso. If you have the exact bottle, do use it sparingly – a little goes a long way. As a substitute, just add a small pinch of salt and 2-3 dashes of white pepper. Other good substitutes include chicken seasoning powder (popularly used in fried rice), oyster sauce, soy sauce and/or fish sauce.

Overnight Refrigerated Cooked Rice

  • Cooked Rice. Use overnight refrigerated rice for best results. Drier rice grains gives a good texture to the fried rice (not soggy or mushy).


XO Sauce Winged Bean Fried Rice Steps
Fry the winged beans with garlic and ginger. Add rice, xo sauce, sambal belacan, salt & pepper blend (or chicken powder). Stir fry until the rice grains are dry and the flavours are even. Season to taste and it is done!

2 comments on “XO Sauce Winged Bean Fried Rice”

  1. I love XO sauce and used to make it myself. Now I am just too lazy :-) The fried rice looks so moreish.

  2. XO sauce + sambal belacan – that packs a punch of flavors! I don’t think I have tried winged beans before though I know its existence for a while now. Don’t think I can find winged beans here.

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