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Pesto Pasta

Pesto Pasta Recipe

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“Fast food”, not necessarily means instant noodles or junk food. I call pesto pasta my gourmet “instant noodles”. Recently, I am hooked on making pesto. Pesto is a versatile sauce with many uses. I like to use it to make a very quick, almost instant pesto pasta meal.

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On the weekends, I will usually make a small quantity of pesto (just enough to last me for a few days) and keep the pesto sealed and chilled in the fridge. Whenever I’m hungry and fancy a quick meal, I will cook some angel hair (a quick cooking pasta which cooks in 2 minutes) and toss the pesto with the noodles. It takes me less than 5 minutes to whip up this plate with my ready stash of pesto in the fridge, almost the same time I take to cook instant noodles. How’s that for fast food? This is healthy and quite gourmet for a change from the usual fast food, and not bad for 5 minutes work. If you prefer it more fancy, you can also grill some seafood on the side and it will become seafood pesto pasta; the possibilities are limitless.

37 comments on “Pesto Pasta”

  1. This pasta looks delicious, Wiffy! I like Aglio Olio for instant pasta, but this sounds like a great idea too! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. wow…ur fast food is so different from my junk heheheh

  3. Thanks for sharing this superfast pasta! Looks so simple and delicious :)

  4. I have always loved pesto and often find the bottled pesto at gourmet food store irresistible. Thanks for sharing so many pesto recipes…

  5. Hmmm… there’s really no excuse not to eat healthy when you can whip up a pasta dish like this in minutes!

  6. thanks for this! it came just in time. i was eating lobster pesto pasta at a restaurant and im super in love with it. i was about to google for a pesto recipe and coincidentally i was reading ur blog!

    any recommendation for a brand of pesto sauce? :D

  7. yummy! such pretty looking pasta…I must try making my own pesto one day too hehe

  8. Hi, I had been reading Noob cook recipes for about a year & I like some of the recipes which my mum used to cook .
    How to make mushroom soup from variety kind of fresh mushroom ? which I bought from wet market.

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