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Creamy Tortellini with Ham and Mushrooms

creamy tortellini

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During our last cook-together, my friend Pam made creamy tortellini to serve alongside Jac’s baked portobello mushrooms and my buffalo wings. As you can imagine, we had quite the feast! Pam’s creamy tortellini was so delicious that I had to cook it soon after the gathering, receiving two thumbs up from my family!

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My version is slightly creamier and wetter than Pam’s due to my family’s personal preference. If you love a gourmet tasting and looking pasta dish in under 30 minutes, this is the perfect recipe for you.

creamy tortellini

The recipe uses ready-made tortellini which eliminated the hard work of making the tortellini from scratch (totally suits my style of lazy cooking). This recipe will also work with ravioli as well. Thanks Pam for opening up her beautiful home and kitchen to us, and for sharing her yummy recipe. Can’t wait for our next cooking session!!

20 comments on “Creamy Tortellini with Ham and Mushrooms”

  1. I think I have either added too much cheese, or my sauce is not enough. After adding the cheese, the ham and mushroom sticks together. I don’t get the creamy sauce. It turns out like dried noodle instead. But I’ll still try again~
    Thanks for sharing~

  2. Hi Wiffy, questions :

    1. What kind of white wine? The type we drink leisurely, or there is one specifically for cooking?
    2. Any particular brand for fresh thickened cream? Buy from supermarkets or Phoon Huat?

    Pls pardon my ignorance.

    • Personally, I use the type we drink (just normal white wine; not the sweet or fruity type), though the supermarket sells white cooking wine too. For thickened cream, no particular brand. I usually get from NTUC or Cold Storage.

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