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Ravioli Pesto

Ravioli Pesto Recipe

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I have been quite busy lately so I have been relying more on cooking short-cuts, such as this ready-made four cheese ravioli, to prepare dinner in a jiffy. I discovered them after my friend used ready-made tortellini to prepare a gourmet and fuss-free lunch for us.

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I made my favourite pesto as the sauce for the ravioli and the result was blissfully delicious. You can also use tortellini for this recipe.

Ravioli Pesto Recipe

13 comments on “Ravioli Pesto”

  1. I saw this refrigerated ravioli at Cold Storage but had no idea how to cook them. Next time I will grab one packet and try out your recipe. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Oh! Your pesto sauce looks delicious…I have a basil plant and lots of basil leaves…that might be the way that I’ll be using soon :)
    Hope you are having a great week!

  3. Looks really delicious!

  4. Thisi s a great dish…

  5. I have been cooking “repeats” too, including short-cuts to recipes. Sometimes a little tweak here and there do miracles. I also made pesto recently. Now I shd stock up some refrigerated ravioli so that such a dish can be ready in minutes in future.

  6. Looks delicious! I love pesto!

  7. Basil pesto is such a delicious thing! I have new basil plants, and I can’t wait to pick some leaves and make pesto.

  8. I love pesto! I’m actually going to be making a batch of it soon to bake on some bread sticks. I’ll be putting it on some pasta too

  9. This sound so healthy and good!

  10. That looks yummy! I love pesto

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