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How to freeze ground meat

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How to freeze ground meat

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This is a handy kitchen tip which I learnt from my friend didally, and something which I have been doing for years. The best way to freeze ground or minced meat is to measure the exact portions which you are using in your recipe (because once thawed, the meat should not be refrozen).

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Place the meat in individual freezer bags and flatten the bag with your palm. The flattened package thaws quickly and evenly, in about 10 minutes. You also save precious freezer space as the flattened packages are stackable. If you are not already freezing ground meat in a flattened package, try this trick next time and I am quite sure you will never do it any other way again.

In the past, when I was freezing a chunk of ground or minced meat, the thawing is uneven (the middle of the meat gets thawed the slowest) and it takes forever. I have tried using the microwave for fast defrosting before, and I absolutely hated that because I almost always ended up cooking the exposed minced meat in the process. This tutorial will work for any type of ground meat (chicken, pork, beef, turkey, mutton) and any amount (as long as the meat is packed a flat layer).

Benefits of freezing ground or minced meat in a flat package

  • meats freezes and thaws much faster due to increased surface area
  • meat thaws in 10 minutes
  • meat thaws evenly
  • flattened bags can be stacked in the freezer, saving space.
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How to freeze ground meat
How to freeze ground meat Measure and bag required portion used in your recipe. For me, I usually pack them in 50, 70 and 100 grams portions.
How to freeze ground meat Flatten the bag with your palm as much as possible.
How to freeze ground meat Seal the plastic bag (alternatively, use a freezer ziplock bag). Thaw the meat by placing bag in a bowl of cold water for about 10 minutes.

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  1. Nice frozen zip bag ground meat!

  2. cool but seriously who uses 50, 70 or 100 gram portions of mince? wouldn’t it be more like 500g and 1kg lol

  3. Great tip…. never though of flatten the meat first before putting into the freezer

  4. Thanks for such a great tip! I use ground meat a lot. I don’t buy ready ground type from the store because I want to be sure that the meat I use is definitely meat from certain part of the pig or beef. This tip comes in very handy.

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