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How to Wrap a Tortilla

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How to wrap a tortilla

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This is a step-by-step photo tutorial for folding a closed tortilla wrap.

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It is great for burritos or any left-over salad! The tortilla wrap you see in this tutorial is made from my leftover Chicken Caesar Salad. Practice makes perfect!

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How to Wrap a Tortilla (Step-by-Step)
How to wrap a tortilla Warm tortilla wraps in an un-oiled, heated pan for about 1 minute on each side.
How to wrap a tortilla Add salad dressing or sauce in the center of a tortilla wrap.
How to wrap a tortilla Arrange fillings in center.
How to wrap a tortilla Fold both sides toward the center.
 How to wrap a tortilla Fold the edge nearest you towards the center.
How to wrap a tortilla Roll the wrap away from you, while keeping the fillings tight.
How to wrap a tortilla Cut diagonally into two.

11 comments on “How to Wrap a Tortilla”

  1. Easy to wrap and good to eat!

  2. yum yum, what a healthy snack.

  3. Oh wiffy, I must show this to my mom! We’ve both been trying to figure out how to wrap tortillas like they do in the restaurants. Thank you for the step by step photos. Also, I am very sorry for being so lax at following/replying to your blog. I promise to try harder, and actually I will add it to my tabs to see it every day! xo

  4. I love tortillas. It’s so fun to eat. I love to add a lot of feeling. Then find it hard to wrap. Must learn your way to do it. I never fold up the sides so the filling tend to fall out …..haha

  5. Oh dear, I mean ‘add a lot of filling’ and not ‘feeling’! That’s so funny…..haha

  6. Same as popiah wrapping! hahaha!

  7. huh, I am still trying to master it. It is challenging to wrap a tortilla.

  8. Hi. I’m a work at home mum. How do i actually make the tortills with all purpose flour. Can’t get the tortilla flour in Kenya

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