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Chicken Caesar Salad

Chicken Caesar Salad

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Caesar salad is an Italian salad of romaine lettuce and croutons dressed with an anchovy-olive oil dressing.  One of the main reasons why I prefer home-made Caesar salad is because I always make sure that my salad dressing contains anchovies (nice and savoury), even though the addition of anchovies is something that was not in the traditional caesar salad recipe.

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I cooked the chicken the fuss-free way by wrapping the them in parchment paper and baking it in the oven alongside with the croutons. The result is juicy moist chicken and crispy croutons, all cooked at the same time. This is a deliciously healthy, relatively low-fat and low-carb salad perfect for those watching their calories (i.e. me, opps).

Chicken Caesar Salad

20 comments on “Chicken Caesar Salad”

  1. Thanks for the ultimate recipe

  2. The salad looks so fresh and delightful. Love your dressing glass…very practical and cute.

  3. love! but we can’t eat the croutons… hmm maybe 1 or 2 or 3…

  4. Hi, my dressing turned out rather thick. Any suggestion how to thin it down? Do I add water or mayo or….?

    • Hi Agnes, you can adjust the consistency by adding more extra virgin olive oil to make it more watery; more mayo for more “body”, more anchovies for saltier taste etc. and note that the amount of extra virgin olive oil used in this recipe is 50ml

    • Thank you! The dressing was yummy!

  5. Hello! Can I use Japanese mayo? Will it be too light?

  6. Good day
    What is anchovies fillet ? Isit ikan bilis ? Is this baked/fried or just raw washed ones ?

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