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Green Onion Toast

This green onion toast is a 8-minute, 7-ingredient recipe for rich tasting savoury bread. It is so quick and simple to make! In the air fryer, it took only 4 minutes to bake without preheating – so efficient! I saw this recipe on a Korean YouTube channel and I liked the recipe so much that I made another version with corn and shrimp (upcoming recipe). Since I have only started to enjoy bread, I like to make savoury and rich tasting toasts whenever I indulged.

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Green Onion Toast Recipe


Green Onion Toast Ingredients

  • Mayonnaise, mirin and honey. The original recipe calls for Korean oligodang syrup – I don’t have it in my pantry so I substituted with a mix of mirin and honey with good results (not too sweet which I like).
  • Shredded cheese – any type (such as mozzarella or cheddar). I am using an inexpensive (house brand) pizza mix shredded cheese from Cold Storage.
  • Thick bread. My sliced bread (bought from Japanese bakery) is almost 2 cm thick. I love thick bread for toasts because you can stuff more fillings into it, and it is more filling. It also looked more luxurious to me.
  • Others – Butter and pepper.


Japanese Spring Onion (Konegi)

Key ingredient: I used Japanese spring onion (labelled “konegi“/小葱 at Donki). It is slightly bigger than our local spring onions. Snip the green portion of the green onion to thin cuts into a bowl using kitchen scissors. You can substitute it with other types of green onions, our local spring onion (cut into 2-cm lengths), or even chives.


Green Onion Toast Steps
Mix the rest of the ingredients with the cut green onions, then mix well. Make a well in the bread using the back of a spoon or a spatula.

Green Onion Toast Steps

Spread the toast filling on the bread and bake it in an air fryer. You can also use a toaster oven.

Green Onion Toast Recipe

I almost burnt the bread so I am reducing the recipe time in the air fryer by a minute. Enjoy your morning toast!

2 comments on “Green Onion Toast”

  1. This is definitely a keeper! Simple, quick and so good.

  2. Easy and yummy snack! I love thick toast too, and made pork floss + cheese toast many times :p

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