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Apple & Mozzarella Toast

This apple & mozzarella toast is an 8-minute recipe that takes 3 minutes to put together and 5 minutes to bake in an air fryer. If you don’t have an air fryer, you can use a broiler, toaster or regular oven. The buttered sliced bread is baked with fresh mozzarella cheese, cinnamon spice dusted apples slices and honey. It makes a really fast, fancy and tasty breakfast!

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Leftover Fresh Cheese:

Apple & Mozzarella Toast Recipe

As for the spread, I actually wanted to use cream cheese, but I had an unopened packet of mini mozzarella cheese balls in the fridge and so I decided to use what I have. I love the result of the buttered bread topped with mild-tasting fresh cheese!

Here are other bread spread that goes well with apple:

  • peanut butter
  • tahini butter
  • cream cheese
  • sliced cheese
  • just butter!


Apple & Mozzarella Toast Ingredients

Main ingredients for my Apple & Mozzarella Toast:

  • Fresh mozzarella cheese – I bought mini mozzarella balls this time. Halved each ball using a total of 3.5 mini balls to fill up the bread. If you using the regular-sized cheese (1 large ball in a pouch), just tear by hand to smaller sizes.
  • Pumpkin mixed spice blend – mine contains ground cinnamon, all spice & nutmeg. You can also use ground cinnamon or cinnamon sugar to make this recipe.
  • Honey, Apple & Bread. I used French royal gala apples (I bought the apples before I decided to make apple toast) and then I read online that they are milder in flavour after cooking. For a richer apple taste, you can use Granny Smith (which I will definitely try next time) or a mix of both. For the bread, I am using frozen bread (no need to thaw before use). I prefer thick bread (the Japanese type) as looked gourmet and is more filling for me.


Apple & Mozzarella Toast Recipe (Step by Step)
Core and quarter an apple, then cut them into thin slices. Cut them just before using it on the bread to minimise browning.

Apple & Mozzarella Toast Recipe (Step by Step)
Spread butter on one side of the bread. Top it with fresh fresh mozzarella cheese pieces.

Apple & Mozzarella Toast Recipe (Step by Step)
Arrange layered apple over the cheese and press the apple slices gently with your fingers so that they stick well to the cheese. Dust pumpkin spice mix (or cinnamon powder) over the bread. Finally drizzle honey and it is ready to be baked in an air fryer (what I used), broiler, toaster or regular oven (great if you are making more than 1 bread at a time).

Apple & Mozzarella Toast Recipe
This is my baked apple toast with fresh cheese. Serve it with a side salad with the remaining apple sides, some granola, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Enjoy this easy and fast breakfast! 

2 comments on “Apple & Mozzarella Toast”

  1. You made the boring toast so interesting and delicious!

  2. Wonderful idea! Now when I think of apples, I don’t just think of sweet apple pies but this savory apple toast instead.

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