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Golden Kiwi Overnight Oats

When I was making kiwi smoothie a few days ago, I noticed the pretty pastel yellow hue of the blended golden kiwi in my juicer, so I was inspired to make a kiwi-themed overnight oats. I wasn’t disappointed – this golden kiwi overnight oats is both pretty to look at and very delicious.

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With basic overnight oats as the base, I added a layer of sweetened kiwi puree and diced kiwi. I love the simplicity of aesthetics and taste in this one! Just plain oats infused with the sweetness of kiwi, so good.

This is my blended kiwi, which also serves as the main sweetener for my plain overnight oats.

It is made by simply blending cubed kiwi with milk & maple syrup (or honey). Tip: The more ripe the kiwi, the sweeter it is. So use ripe or over-ripe (best) kiwi to blend to enjoy the natural sweetness from the fruit.

The puree infuses kiwi flavour to the oats and sweetens them at the same time. It also adds a pretty layer of pastel gold to the overall presentation of the oats. You can add all of the puree to the oats, or have some at the side to add as you dig in. Remember to stir the oats evenly with the puree before eating.

2 comments on “Golden Kiwi Overnight Oats”

  1. This is something really nice to wake up to!

  2. Looks so atas, esp with that kiwi round at the brim of the glass…cocktail-style :p
    You are consistent in your food presentations (unlike me, no time just can’t be bothered…sigh)

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