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Roast Pork Salad Packed Lunch

I brought this roast pork salad packed lunch to work last week. All the components in the box are already in my fridge, so it took me under 10 minutes to prepare and assemble my lunch. This will take 15 minutes to make from scratch (wash the veggies, make the dressing etc) with leftover cooked brown rice. The lunch box helped me to clear the fridge leftovers, save some money and enable me to eat my daily dose of complex carbs & salad during lunch time :)

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Roast Pork Salad Packed Lunch Recipe
Like the last time, I am re-using a disposable salad lunch box once before discarding. The salad base is topped with roast pork cubes (leftovers from the Chinese deli takeaway), almond nuts, cherry tomato and brown rice. The salad dressing is a citrus-based orange vinaigrette which I made in bulk beforehand.


Roast Pork Salad Packed Lunch Recipe (Deli Roast Pork)
I cut the roast pork (from the supermarket Chinese deli) to thick cubes so that it is easier to eat.

Roast Pork Salad Packed Lunch Recipe (Sambal Chilli)
I couldn’t resist adding a dollop of very hot sambal chilli to go with the roast pork, but this is optional.

Roast Pork Salad Packed Lunch Recipe (Orange Salad Dressing)
The salad dressing is a refreshing orange vinaigrette. I made the dressing in advance in bulk, but this recipe will give you the measurements for one serving.

Roast Pork Salad Packed Lunch Recipe
Since I don’t have a compartment lunch box, I am using a piece of food wax paper to separate the toppings from the salad beneath so that the salad stays fresh. Just pull & discard the paper when ready to tuck in.

Roast Pork Salad Packed Lunch Recipe (Salad Base)
My assorted salad leaves for this lunch. I used cheap romaine lettuce (top) as a base and mixed it with an assorted salad pack (picked out the different leaves for this picture) for more colour & variety.

2 comments on “Roast Pork Salad Packed Lunch”

  1. Mouthwatering! I just bought a huge chunk pork shoulder with skin on…going to make some roasted pork too!

  2. I used leftover store-bought pork for my salad bowl too! Nice change from the regular chicken. :p

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