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Overnight Oats

Ever since I started making overnight oats (though a bit belatedly since the fad started ages ago), we have been eating it quite often. It makes a quick and nutritious breakfast. Normally non-instant oatmeal/rolled oats require stove-top cooking, but with the overnight soaking method (in milk and yoghurt), the oats will be softened and palatable the next morning.

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For someone like me who loves a sinful hawker breakfast, I admit this was a little too healthy for my palate in the beginning. Even a bowl full of wholesome stuff (fiber, fruits and nuts in a bowl) needs adjusting to for someone who usually skips breakfast and dive straight to a sumptuous brunch. But I have since rediscovered that healthy food can be yummy food. And eating healthy for the first meal of the day actually conditions the body to be on the lookout for more nutritious food throughout the day.

Overnight Oats Recipe

I added an additional splash of milk to my overnight oats before tucking in. My friend once told me that if you eat oats for one meal everyday, you will lose weight quickly, the healthy way (well perhaps minus the maple syrup :P)

 Featured Ingredients :Iherb - Wild Berry Mix  Iherb - Organic Rolled Oats  Iherb - Maple Syrup Grade B
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Overnight Oats Recipe

9 comments on “Overnight Oats”

  1. I don’t use dairy, but soy milk. And the sweet stuff (maple syrup) is not that healthy (read: fattening). Just fruits will do and there is enough sugar in that. I also soak my oats along with raisins. Nice, juicy and puffy the next day.

    • Good idea to skip the maple syrup, if one finds the oats tasty enough on its own. The amount of maple syrup in the recipe is to taste :)

  2. These oats are so delicious, I don’t mind having them for breakfast every morning!

  3. I need savory food for dinner! hahahah! Your overnight oats looks beautifully delicious. Nowadays I am lazy to even make overnight oats!! :O

  4. May i know how long can i keep the overnight oat till?

  5. Cn we use instant oats pls?

    • Yes you can do overnight oats with 3 kinds of oats (rolled, steel cut, instant). Instant oats require more milk, while rolled oats (more commonly used for overnight oats) give a better texture (more chewy & thick).

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