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Berry Nice Muffins

Berry Nice Muffins
“Berry Nice” Muffins – A tri-delight of blueberries, cranberries and strawberries

I call these “berry nice muffins” because they are made up of 3 type of berries – namely blueberries, cranberries and strawberries. That, and also because I find them “berry” delicious hehe :P I usually use raspberries instead of cranberries, but this time round, I decided to try cranberries because I still have a lot of frozen ones which I bought for making cranberry sauce over Christmas. I like it! The sweetness of the muffins contrasted nicely with the tangy taste of the berries, especially the sour cranberries. So if cranberries are too sour for your palate, you can substitute with fresh raspberries (chopped). These muffins are great for clearing the fridge of any leftover berries. And I find them really pretty too, I love using white muffin paper cases so that I can see the beautiful streaks of burst fruity flavour along the side.

Berry Nice Muffins

I used back the same base recipe for my strawberry muffins. If you notice that these muffins looked much better, that’s because I was previously using a “wrong” set of measurements for the muffins; I didn’t know that the term “cup” was not universal and I used a Japanese cup (1 cup = 200ml) instead of a US cup (1 cup = 240ml). I’m really a noob! :x Hence from now, I’ll be more careful when it comes to baking and use/list down the weighted measurements (grams, ml) for more clarity. Thanks to zy for pointing it out :)

(Makes about 16 small muffins)

– 1 1/2 cups* (190g) plain flour
– 1 1/2 eggs, beaten
– 1/2 tbsp baking powder
– 1 cup (225g) caster sugar
– assorted berries (I use 80g chopped strawberries, 50g frozen cranberries, 50g blueberries)
– 1/2 cup (125 ml) milk
– 1 tsp vanilla extract
– 65 gms butter, cut to small pieces and melted/softened at room temperature

* Cup refers to US cup measurement

You also need:
– sieve
– large bowl & wooden spoon
– disposable baking cases
– muffin baking tray

1. Sift flour, baking powder and sugar together, and mix well.
2. Add in milk, vanilla extract, eggs and butter and stir until just blended (and lumpy). Be careful not to over mix as it will result in a tough texture.
3. Fold in the berries into the mixture. Place baking cases in muffin tins. Spoon the mixture into the cases (each about 2/3 filled).
4. Bake for 20 minutes in preheated oven of 200C (400F) or until slightly golden brown. Allow to rest for several minutes before serving. Store for a day in an airtight container. Freeze extras in ziplock bags and toast them for a few minutes in the oven till they are warm.

Berry Nice Muffins
Afternoon Tea Time

Muffin Batter
Muffin Batter

Muffin Batter in Muffin Cases
Muffin Batter in Muffin Cases

Strawberry Muffins
Cranberries, Pecans & Orange Muffins

64 comments on “Berry Nice Muffins”

  1. Hi Wiffy

    I’ve shorten the baking time on the 2nd round of baking. But still crispy on the top. Hmm.. maybe it’s my batter not lumpy enuff? I’m using a convection oven. Maybe the oven is not so good one. :P

    Will re-try again… :D 10z :-)

  2. hi wiffy. im keen to try this recipe. is 225g sugar too sweet for 190g flour?

    • Hi mashmallowpink, if you are worried that it will be too much sugar, maybe you can mix in half of the sugar first, use your finger to taste the batter, and add more according to your liking.

  3. thks wiffy :)
    will try it this weekend.

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  6. Hi,

    Understand that u used 1 and 1/2 egg…
    how u measure it??

    • beat two eggs in a bowl, just pour almost all leaving just a bit behind (about 1/2 egg worth)… estimation :)

    • Will try it and see…guess it will b nice..
      as i have tried your soup recipe for my kids …they like it ..

  7. Is cool!! But I tired a few times, is easy but i always have a problem. 1st time – ok, 2nd time – failed, 3rd time – ok, 4th time failed again….. Can you advise?

  8. Hi.. just got to know abt your blog from a friend of mine.. :) love the beautifully taken photos! i’m new to baking so reading your blog about the recipes and tips really help!

    i just tried your strawberry muffin recipe.. made 2 versions .. one with butter and milk and the other one dairy free.. :) i can’t take the smell of butter.. but hubby and kids are ok with butter.. so just now i thought ‘why not make 2 types?’ hehe…

    tx a lot for your effort in putting all these in your blog! :)

  9. Tried this tonight, they turned out great!!

  10. Can you use strawberries and other berries that were frozen too? I have some berries I need to use up in the freezer! If so, would you thaw them first? I am not a good cook! LOL. thanks

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